♦ What is BattleTag?
BattleTag look up only supports PC version of Diablo 3.
It is your chosen name plus # sign plus a numeric BattleTag code generated by Blizzard (e.g. starfall#1970).

♦ If you were able to look up your heroes and it stops working out of a sudden, most likely due to server is on maintenance. Try again the next day.

♦ Couldn’t find the item you are looking for? Tell us here and we will add it to the database.

♦ If you like this app and want to help with the server cost, please consider making a donation. Thank you!

32 comments on “Support
  1. SPE says:


  2. Doug Pickens says:

    For the last several days every time I click on an item that I’m wearing it always says “ service is currently offline”. Ive reinstalled but didn’t help…any idea how to resolve?


  3. Michelle says:

    Just got the app, won’t accept my battle tag & link to my battlenet!

  4. satoshi matsuo says:


  5. John says:

    Please add the option to update manually. Sometimes I want to quickly check something and I have to wait for slow updating to finish.

  6. Darryl G says:

    Nice app. I am unable to link my account to the app.


  7. haixiang says:

    貌似app没有更新了,数据库更新总是失败。提示 “error processing data from” 表示好迷茫。。。

  8. Kevin says:

    Database download gives error after it reaches 100% so no items appear in database.

  9. Aprillynne says:

    The app won’t update from I’ve tried numerous times today, as has a friend.

  10. Joy says:

    Please, add Polish language name of items (from the servers) to your app.

  11. gq59421 says:


  12. eo says:


  13. Major kranky says:

    Witch doctor passives gone after last patch

  14. 踏古#5746 says:

    Hope to increase the simplified Chinese version, thank you

  15. 踏古 says:


  16. Ilmir says:

    how to select the Russian language?

  17. 赵新勇 says:


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